North Central Parents
Simply The Best

Dear Parents,

One of the things makes North Central great is our community - built from great parents of great kids.Whether it is snack after a game, cheering on the team, or serving on the board our parents make our league a positive and enriching experience. Little League baseball is a volunteer organization built on the concept that all of us working together will create an environment that is safe, fun, and educational. All of our coaches, umpires, board members, and parents volunteer hundreds of hours to make the league work and the season a success.

Our goal at North Central is to teach the game of baseball and develop confidence in our kids in a supportive environment. Along with the particulars about the game of baseball, our aim is to teach our kids about character and courage as well as respect and integrity, so that North Central contributes to the positive development of our future leaders.

Thank you for being there as a parent and all that you do to help make your player, the team, and our league a success.


Jamie Simone, President


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