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Your 2014 Executive Board

President - Ron Crawford []

Vice President - Julie McCleery

Treasurer - Randy Bremgartner (

Secretary - Ron Crawford

VP Coaches/Umpires - Julie McCleery

VP Safety - Ben Packard

VP League Development - Rob Mathewson

VP Softball - Josh Pearson

Other Board members:

Ed Pollick, Fred Liebold, Heidi Bischoff, John Bolivar, John Lombardi, John Mullin, Julie McCleery-Brown, Kevin Mapel, Michael Johnson, Pat Murphy, Peter Krystad, Scott Sundblad, Skip Ewing, Tom D'Angelo

Recent Happenings - What your board has been doing...

Board Passes Annual Re-Draft For Minors, Majors, Juniors

At the October 12, 2011 meeting, the NCLL Board of Directors voted unanimously to implement a complete re-draft player assignment model for the Minors, Majors, and Junior divisions. This applies to both baseball and softball. This means that kids will no longer automatically return to their same team if staying in the same division. All players return to the draft pool. (Note, managers will still have rights to their son/daughter). This model is strongly encouraged by Little League and has a proven track record of creating parity among teams and signficantly reducing adult "politics". In the research done by the league - every league that sent us feedback that has a similar system in District 8 and our neighboring District 9 was very happy with their system.

The details of how the assignment process will happen has been delegated by the board to a committee currently comprised of John Mullin (2011 Baseball Player Agent 89ers, Minors, Majors), Kevin Spence (2011 Player Agent, Juniors, Seniors), Tom D'Angelo (2011 President), and Julie McCleery (2011 league parent). The committee is looking for additional interested volunteers who would like to participate in the development of a structure(s) to present to the board for their consideration. If you are interested, e-mail

Board Votes to Keep Minimum Playing Age at 5 Years Old

At the October 12, 2011 meeting, the NCLL Board of Directors voted unanimously to keep the minimum age for participation in the league at 5 years old. This past spring Little League changed the rules to allow leagues to accept 4 year olds. The board concurred that 4 seems just too young and would potentially change the dynamic of the league. It most likely would have an impact in subsequent years in 7/8'ers and all the way up the chain of divisions. Due to limited field availability and a full agenda, the decision was made to keep the membership ages as they stand currently.

Board Intends to Keep 2011 Registration Rates

Board Votes to Require Coaches To Get Training, No Longer "Optional"

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